Islamic Center of Ahlul Bayt opens in Brno, Czech

SHAFAQNA – The Islamic Center of Ahlul Bayt (AS) was opened with the presence of Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s representative in Brno, the Czech Republic.

Allameh Seyyed Morteza Kashmiri, the representative of the Shia source of emulation in Europe, presented a speech in the opening ceremony of the center, iraaqi reported.

He said that establishment of Islamic centers in non-Muslim countries, where Muslims are minorities, brings peace to the Muslims’ hearts.

He highlighted the importance of the center and said that the main objective of the center is to unite Iraqis residing in Europe and maintain their religious and cultural identity.

The new center is affiliated to Imam Ali (AS) Institute in London and works under the supervision of Grand Ayatollah Sistani, he added.

Holding congregational prayers, religious ceremonies, educational courses and introducing Islamic rituals to the world are some of the activities of the center.

The ceremony was attended by Iraqi ambassador to the Czech Republic, representatives of Arab and Islamic countries as well as intellectuals of the Muslim world.

Also addressing the ceremony, the deputy of the Iraqi ambassador, congratulated the opening of the center and said that the Muslim people need wise preachers to make them united.

Haj Abdul Rahman Hamoud, head of the new Islamic center and Munib Al-Rawi, head of the Islamic Union in the Czech Republic were other speakers in the program.

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