Islamic College


Our Vision

As an institution dedicated to, and specializing in, a particular field, the Islamic College is more single-minded than a multi-faculty university. Our staff and students all share a passion for the study and teaching of Islam, which is why many of our new students find that joining the College is very much like joining a community. Because of this focus, all of our resources are dedicated to promoting Islamic Studies.

As an institution committed to a non-sectarian outlook, diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Our students come from all over the world and adhere to different interpretations of Islam. value and cherish our location close to the heart of London, which gives our students access to some of the best resources for research in the world, not to mention the sights and sounds of a thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis.

Our Mission

In our programmes and research, we aim to provide more than just an academic understanding of Islam, as it is taught in most universities today. We want to present an ‘insider’s view’ of Islam and allow students to understand it as a living, breathing way of life, as well as a system of belief. This means they will not only study academic theories about Islam, but they will become acquainted with scholarly debates going on within Islam and what these mean for Islam’s future. In this way, we bring together education and spirituality, the classical and the modern, the academic and the practical.

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