Islamic hospitality

SHAFAQNA – According to Islamic teaching hosting a guest is a valued characteristic and eating with guest is a sign of respecting the guest. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) used to host many guests in his house as mentioned in Ayah 53 of Surah Al-Ahzab. The manners of hospitality have been mentioned in the holy Quran and one of them is when a distinguished person is present, the others look at him/her at the start or finish of eating; if he/she finished eating the others do the same.

That is why the prophet (PBUH) as a host always was the last person to finish eating so that his guests have plenty of time to eat. In this regard, it is narrated from Imam Kazim (AS) who said: Whenever the Prophet (PBUH) had guests, used to eat with them and did not finish eating until his guests stopped first [1]. Another manner of the Prophet (PBUH) was that he used to eat in a group and did not eat on his own.

Being considerate towards others at all times is a sign of politeness, respect, friendship and peaceful coexistence. When the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) used to eat with others, as a sign of respect, no one started eating before him and they used to finish eating when the Prophet (PBUH) stopped. That is why the Prophet (PBUH) used to be the first and the last person when eating food with others, so that they had plenty of time to eat.

[1] Sonanon Nabi, Page 67.

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