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Israeli soldiers target Palestinian children

SHAFAQNA – According to a report published by the global movement for the defense of children in Palestine, Israeli soldiers would have specifically targeted Palestinian children in order to instill fear among Palestinian civil population, and ensure that people will comply with Israel increasingly harsh and repressive rule.

In a recent incident, IDF soldiers fired live bullets at a group of children, in violation with international law and human rights law.

The movement added in a press statement published on March 21, that since the beginning of the current year it has documented 30 cases in which Palestinian children were shot with live bullets by IDF soldiers. Another 29 were shot while they were participating in peaceful marches in the West Bank and one was shot by settlers in Silwan town in Occupied Jerusalem.

The rights group asserted that IDF soldiers have proven to be increasingly violent as they know no sanction will ever be held against them.

The statement mentioned the case of the minor Mu’ath al-Ramahi, 15, who was shot in the chest with a live bullet during violent clashes with the Israeli forces at the entrance of Jalazone camp on March 6 causing him severe wounds in his right lung and damages in his ribs and chest muscles.

The same clashes led to the injury of the minor Muhammad Hmidat, 16, who was shot in the face.

The statement cited Hmidat as saying, “I felt like if someone was hitting me from the back then I felt dizziness and a dull pain at that time then I noticed that my face was bleeding profusely.”

The statement also mentioned that the minor Malik Ghawanmeh, 16, was shot with a live bullet in his right leg leading to shattering the bones. The minor Muhammad Birnat, 16, was also hit with a live bullet while he was participating in the weekly peaceful march in Bil’in village near Ramallah.

“The Israeli soldiers started to fire tear gas and stun grenades and live bullets at us,” Birnat said, adding, ” I was looking for a place to hide when I felt that something hit my right leg strongly.”

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