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Israelis enter Iraq with other countries’ passports

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SHAFAQNA– A Qatari newspaper pointing out that the scale of Israeli travelers to Iraq have increased recently, added they have visited historical and ancient places in Babylon, Baghdad and Basra.

Alaraby Aljadid newspaper wrote on Sunday that recently many Israelis have entered Iraq and their identity discovered after they left the country.
According to a security official, “Those people have published their photos from historical and ancient places in Babylon, Baghdad and Basra, after leaving the country and claimed that these places belong to their ancestors since the middle of past decade”.
Kurdistan is the basic passage for Israelis to enter Iraq, the security official pointing out, added that “Israel has increased its activity in Iraq with some organizations and communities who have bases in Western countries. Most of these organizations located in UK, pretend to act as conservator of natural environment, freedom of speech, discrimination, collective violence and act against racism and terrorism in Iraq. These organizations cannot do anything except making friendly relationship with people who are opposite of political situation in the country”.

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