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Jakarta Grand Mosque to hold Ramadan fair

SHAFAQNA – To brighten up the upcoming fasting season, the management of the Istiqlal Grand Mosque in Central Jakarta, Indonesia, is set to hold the Istiqlal Ramadan Fair 2017, which will take place from May 19 to June 17.

The event will offer various activities ranging from bazaars, talk shows and religious music performances, to writing competitions and culinary festivals.

“The bazaar is open for the public and this will be the first fair held by the mosque,” said Istiqlal Mosque head of protocol, Abu Hurairah, as quoted by in Jakarta.

Abu said that throughout the fasting month, the mosque would provide takjil, or breaking-of-the-fast light meals, for 3,000 people on Monday to Thursday and 5,000 people on Friday to Sunday.

The mosque management has prepared the mosque for the event by cleaning the floors, walls, trellises, sanitation facilities and places for wudhu (ablutions), he went on.

Istiqlal Mosque will hold evening Ramadan prayers. National and international qaris (Quran reciters) will recite Quranic verses before prayers.

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