Japan Deletes Israel’s Name from Tourism Guide

SHAFAQNA – Japan has published a tourism pamphlet titled Welcome to Palestine, Crossroad of Civilizations, where it has wiped out the word Israel and Hebrew names of places throughout the brochure. 

The Japanese government has published a tourism guide of different Palestinian regions without mentioning the name of Israel, the Arabic-language Palestine. 

The report said the Hebrew names of the Palestinian cities have also been replaced with their Arabic names. 

Israel’s Channel 7 also reported the Japanese government move. 

Japan is the third country after Spain and Germany that has published tourism guides of the Palestinian territories. 

A growing number of Muslim associations throughout the world have extended their heartfelt appreciation for the Japanese government for its just and brave move. 

Palestine is a small country with rich and diverse history and culture, an abundant of historical, archeological a. religious heritage, part of the pamphlet reads. 

It is the home place of three monotheistic religions and the birthplace of Jesus Christ, it added. 

Its history extends more than one million years, with thousands of cultural and natural heritage sites, the tourism guide said. 

Palestine was recognized by the United Nations as a State in 2012; tourism is regarded as one of the main economic sectors in Palestine, with a great potential for growth, it added. 

Sources – FNA

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