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Jashn-o-Imamat wa Vilayat organised in Bombay

SHAFAQNA- Association of Imam Mahdi (as) organised Jashn-o-Imamat wa Vilayat at Qaisar Baug Hall, Dongri, Bombay.

The programme was organised in evening at 8:30 pm and continued till midnight.

The celebration was kicked off with the recitation of Hadis-e -Kisa by Ali Asgar Abdi and was followed by recitation of Quran.

The verses of Holy Quran referring to Vilayat of Imam Ali a.s also echoed in the celebration.

It were the kids who refreshed the celebration with the recitation of Surood (Taraana).

Dr. Shabeeb Rizvi in his speech emphasized on importance of Vilayat of Ali (as).

He said “Vilayat and Tabarrah are always together. We should not be having soft corner with the enemies of Ahlul Bait”

He added ” If we are in Taqayya at least we should be mum rather than praising enemies of Ahlul Biat.”

Dr Rizvi in his speech also referred to Abu Zar r.a who openly opposed enemies of Ahlul Biat. He further said that Shitte should be like Abu Zar r.a.

Other speakers in the celebration were Shayer Shajar Naqvi, Maulana and renowned poet Nayab Hallaur.

Tabarruk and Tughra gift were also exchanged during the break.

With Du’a and Ziyarat the Celebration concluded.

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