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Jeremy Corbyn: Give empty luxury properties to the Grenfell fire homeless

SHAFAQNA- UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the government of Prime Minister Theresa May of “unacceptable” negligence for failing to keep a promise to rehouse all London fire victims near their old homes.

After touring the scene of the fire and speaking to residents on Thursday, Corbyn told journalists: “Kensington is a tale of two cities – it is among the wealthiest parts of this country, but the ward where this took place is one of the poorest.

Residents must also be rehoused, using requisition of empty properties if necessary, in the community they love.

Corbyn made the comments on Friday as thousands of people took to the streets to demand answers and justice over the deadly blaze.

UK Communities Secretary Sajid Javid admitted Friday it may be necessary to push some victims out across the capital, despite having promised to keep people local a day earlier.

“It is unacceptable that at this time of intense stress and trauma for them, the council and the government are not able to guarantee this,” Corbyn told The Independent on Friday. “It is absolutely critical that all the residents of Grenfell Tower are rehoused in the community they love.”

“The entire community has been affected by the fire and are looking to the country to assist in their hour of need. We must not let them down,” the opposition leader added.

“All those made homeless by the fire must be housed in the borough, using all methods possible to make this happen, including, if necessary, requisitioning empty properties.”

Corbyn’s call was echoed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan in an open letter to May. He demanded that every resident from Grenfell Tower and other evacuated properties must “be rehoused locally immediately.”

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