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Jesus Christ and the sinner

SHAFAQNA – In a tradition we read that one day Prophet Jesus (as) went along a road with his apostles, when a notorious sinner known for his immorality and wickedness saw them. He began to sincerely regret his previous sins, saw himself damned, and burst into tears, seeking Allah’s forgiveness. Then he thought with himself: “I have not done a good deed in all my life so I do not deserve to accompany the apostles.

But since they are Allah’s friends I should follow them.” So he pursued them and called them. One of the apostles turned and looked at the man who was renowned for impiety and said: “O Jesus! How can this evildoer follow us? Which religion allows him to accompanying us? Send him away and ask him not to follow us, as his sins may make our lives inauspicious!”

Jesus (as) was beginning to think how he could expel that man when the Almighty revealed to him: “O Jesus! Tell your proud apostle to resume his deeds, because We removed all his good deeds for the contemptuous look that he had on the remorseful sinner. And give good tidings to Our sinner servant that We forgave his sins and redirected him to guidance due to his repentance from past deeds.”

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