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Jews enjoy a far better living condition than Palestinians in Israel

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SHAFAQNA – According to a health report at a parliament session published Tuesday,”Palestinians in Israel suffer more diseases than Jewish citizens.

The report, put together by the Advancement of Arab Population’s Health organisation, “showed that the Jews enjoy a far better living condition than the Arabs in Israel, in terms of life expectancy, and the mortality rates of infants, diabetes, high blood pressure and traffic accidents”.

For example, while the average life expectancy in Israel is 82 years for Jews, amongst Palestinian citizens this figure falls to 79 years. “For women, the figures are 80.9 years among Arabs, compared with 84.5 years among Jewish women”, Xinhua added.

The infant mortality rate, meanwhile, “stands at an average of 6.1 per 1,000 births among Arabs, compared with only 2.2 among Jews”, while “the mortality rate from diabetes is 32 per cent on average among Arabs, compared with only 14 per cent among Jews”.

Other statistics presented in the report include the fact that while “the mortality rate from high blood pressure is 22 per cent among Arab men and 23.4 per cent among Arab women”, this drops to “19 per cent among Jewish men and 18.7 per cent among Jewish women”.

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