SHAFAQNA – It begins inside, ends inside my dear
This is your address, remember forever

All from somewhere, all towards destination
Moving towards, moving away, comes the end

That no one is owner here but made an owner
That none had anything, but got sooner or later

That relieving pain brings serenity
That sacrifice is bliss, is eternity

Watch yourself, your intentions, your way
Let not your pain go away, always pray

Let this fire of pain burn inside your heart
Let you relieve pain of oppressed, take start

Let your smile be in their smile
Let your pain be in their pain

Let your sigh be in their sigh
Let your cry be in their cry

Let your heart bleed when they bleed
Let your tears flow when they weep

Deliver us from suffering they cry, we are pained
Let you be their guardian, be eternal, be slained

Life is a journey, a test, a submission, and a way
Don’t get lost, let your heart glow, guide your way

Real joy is in delivering suffering, removing pain
With this secret inside, you are made, not in vain

That I am a passenger of the way
That journey goes on, without stay

In this journey be n remain a human being
For you O friend, to be in peace, n believing

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