#Justice4Salah campaign kicks off

SHAFAQNA – Following a relentless campaign of harassment, incitement and slanderous denunciations conducted by the management of the institution Roman Rolland Middle School of Tremblay­en­France against Salah Lamrani a teacher/professor at the aforementioned school.

The campaign was started and carried out by School Principal Mrs. Khadija BOT, and Abdelkader SAOUDI, Deputy Principal with the active complicity of Parents’ representatives and colleagues of the Board.

All of this was simply because of his union activism and his blogging activity. He was temporarily suspended from his position as Professor of Literature for a period of 4 months, by decision of the HRD Rectory of Creteil. A detailed complaint to the Inspector on January 27th, which remains unanswered. This is an unacceptable decision which dishonors his reputation and in order to try restore any form of integrity or honor would mean Salah standing firm on his innocence against the lies and untruths as stated by the Institution prior to his dismissal.

In recent events, a replacement has been found to replace the professor at the school, which leads us to think that the institution believes they have already won and in the whole process ruined a man’s life.

Salah Lamrani is fighting today for his reinstatement …. but not only that – he is fighting for all those who have fallen prey to the Establishment.

Beyond ethnicity, faith, social status, and political affiliations, we are all minorities in the face of injustice and tyranny. It is how we rise together, and push back against oppression, which will determine WHAT and WHO we are!

Salah’s legal team is ready to take the matter all the way up to the European Human Rights Court. Walk with us as WE fight for the silenced minorities.

Salah needs your financial support to see this fight through. Salah’s team will need an estimated £10,000 to see the campaign through, and ensure that justice is indeed served.


The sky almost fell on his head. On hearing on the 10th of February that he had been suspended as a precautionary measure for a period of four months, Salah Lamrani, a French teacher at the Romain Rolland Middle School, had felt that something was coming but did not immediately understand the situation.

In fact, no official reason has appeared to accompany this administrative decision of suspension against him. Only hostility, cold faces, dry answers, started to be expressed overnight after the terrorist attacks of 13th of November.

“No reasons were mentioned for the decision of suspension, which is absolutely unthinkable, both for my union representative and for my lawyer. In my view, as there is absolutely nothing to reproach me with, they were giving themselves time to find the best angle of attack”, confided the teacher to Zaman France.

Contacted by our editorial staff, the Romain-Rolland School in Tremblay-en-France refused to speak. The education authority of Créteil, meanwhile, has inherited the case. It has so far not responded to our requests.

Salah Lamrani suspended: post-13 November effect?

For Salah Lamrani, there is no doubt: he is the victim of a scheme motivated by his trade union investment locally and more generally, by his political-religious activism on his Sayed Hasan blog.

“The very authoritarian management of my school saw me as a problem element because of my unionism, my investment and my popularity with pupils. I was the only one who dared to express a dissenting voice to the Administration Board, which was an act of war to Ms. Khadija BOT, the Principal, and Mr. Abdelkader SAOUDI, Deputy Principal. My personal beliefs, which I never mentioned as part of my duties, were also displeasing to the management and to some parents.”

What kind of “personal convictions” are we talking about here? “The strong condemnation of ‘Charlie-ism’, of racist and ambient Islamophobic culture and the proud affirmation of my Arab-Muslim identity, and, internationally, the denunciation of the French foreign policy supporting the terrorism of Daesh (and Israel) and the support of the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah-Russia axis that fights it, of the Palestinian cause, etc.”

The teacher-blogger seems to be a possible victim of the post-November 13 effect.

According to Salah Lamrani, the Parents Board (FCPE), the management of the school and an academic inspector had reported his blogging activities to the rectory since November, “without even insinuating that I mentioned my political or religious beliefs in the framework of my duties”,  he says.
The warm support of students

Since then, the man who seized the judge “to request the removal of this decision”, and initiated criminal proceedings “for moral harassment and slanderous denunciations” relies only on mobilizing parents and stops each day sitting on a chair in front of the school waiting for his reinstatement. An online petition calling for his reinstatement was spread.

Salah Lamrani also keeps a diary on his blog in which he expresses his feelings, the behaviour of his “former” colleagues, pupils, and parents.

Worried about his professional future, anxious to resume his teaching duties, Salah Lamrani is determined to fight to assert his rights although without any illusions about a rational response from the academic authority.

“My replacement has been announced. Even a partial mobilization of the educational community could potentially resolve this situation in record time. My only chance of reintegration is through the balance of power. I know exactly how the authority functions, and you have to understand that once my suspension came down, it was absolutely impossible for me to regain my students amicably or by “negotiation” with the union or even through justice. The authority cannot recognize an error of assessment, still less a fault of this calibre, whether due to negligence or, as I believe it to have been, deliberate.”

Meanwhile, his only satisfaction is the support and warmth lavished on him by pupils and their parents. “They support me massively, and keep me company as they enter and leave the school. Every day they bring me things to eat and have even brought me extra socks and a hat to protect me from the cold, which is moving.”

You can visit Salah’s website at: www.lecridespeuples.com


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