Kashmir Flood Aftermath: Doctor Association of Kashmir (DAK) Urges Docs To Give Free Medi Care

Doctors of the valley will provide free consultation to flood victims in their private clinics, nursing homes and private hospitals, President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr Nisar ul Hassan announced today.

Doctors will provide samples to flood victims so that they don’t have to purchase prescribed medicines from the market. Medical representatives of various companies have been asked to keep enough samples available with practicing doctors so that there is no inconvenience to flood victims.

“The private health establishments will not charge flood ravaged families for hospital stay, investigations and procedures. Moreover flood victims in private hospitals will get food and medicines free of cost.” “The chemist shops will provide medicines and baby food free of cost to flood affected families. Government hospitals are urged not to charge money on investigations and procedures from flood affected families. Hospital authorities are requested to keep separate consultation rooms and investigation counters for flood victims which will give solace to them,” DAK said in a statement to Kashmir Observer.

“Doctors are requested to give simultaneous counselling to flood victims which is as important as giving medicines to them. We are doing our bit and this imitative from doctors will come a long way in rehabilitating flood victims physically and mentally. Doctors and other employees have already decided to donate one day salary but I request all employees to do it jointly and let us rebuild the destroyed homes on our own.”

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