Kenyan Muslims demand stop to extrajudicial killings

SHAFAQNA -  Hundreds of Muslims gathered after Friday prayer outside the biggest mosque in Nairobi to protest the “disappearance” and extrajudicial killings of Muslim men and women in Kenya.

“Those who are calling Muslims in Kenya terrorists are the ones who are killing our brothers and sisters,” Al-Amin Kimathi, chairman of Muslims for Human Rights, told protesters outside Jamia Mosque in Nairobi.

“Even if someone is suspected of being a terrorist, the constitution and the laws of the land direct us on how to investigate, take them to court…who are you to become judge?” Kimathi said, referring to those who are carrying out the killings. “They are the investigators, the jury, executioners and the mortuary attendants of our innocent Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Kimathi said that since the Garissa University attack earlier this year that claimed the lives of more than 140 students, at least 100 Muslims have disappeared in the country.

He said that mass graves have been found in Muslim-dominated areas in Kenya, while bodies have been discovered in rivers and forests.

“We are asking President Kenyatta to look into the extrajudicial killings. We cannot allow this and we will soon release a report with details of Muslims who have been killed in the country for their faith,” Kimathi added.

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