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Khoang Lee Khai from China: The goals which Islam encourages people to reach are completely like as my ideals

SHAFAQNA- After getting familiar with Muslims and reading various books about Islam I understood that the goals which Islam encourages people to reach are completely like as my ideals.

According to rahyafte Khoang Lee Khai is a member of Khoi ethnic group from China. He was born in 1991 in Khe Bi, a city in China to a farmer’s family. His hobbies include Reading, watching movies, riding bicycle and travelling.
When he was studying in the University of Ethnic Group northwest of China in 2010, he became familiar with Islam and he decided to convert to Islam in November 2010.He had His first experience with Muslims when he was hired to work in one of the Muslim school in Lin Shia, China. Now he is studying MA in international training of Chinese language in the University of Northwest of China.
“When I converted to Islam I had no idea about God,” He says.” After getting familiar with Muslims and reading various books about Islam I understood that the goals which Islam encourages people to reach are completely like as my ideals.” He emphasized.”So I decided to leave my current ethnic identity and convert to Islam so that I become a perfect man,” he says adding that since he was not familiar with the Creator he had little information about Islam and Muslims.
Then he traveled to various Muslim areas of China and saw the Muslim’s way of life and found many Muslim friends. All these experiences caused him to think deeply about his being and his life.”I only had learned the idea of atheism since my childhood and I thought that the other’s belief was false, “he describes.”I was asking myself how other people who didn’t believe in atheism live in peace,” he adds.
Then he began to doubt about his previous beliefs and decided to travel to a village in Ching Khai because the village was a green and quiet place which let him think deeply. One night in the village he felt that God was beside himself and saw him and then he became sure that he was a Muslim. When he reviewed his thoughts and past experiences he believed that becoming a Muslim was his fate since he didn’t like to eat pork and he had not eaten. After that he decided to study in a university in Northwest of China which is a Muslim area to get more information about Islam and Muslims.

Q. What’s the reaction of your family and friends after you converted to Islam?
Many of my friends thought that I was brainwashed but when my attitude became better then they tolerated my conversion to Islam and even many of them were envying me and some of them think that being religious is not acceptable.
My family except my grandfather and grandmother know that I have converted to Islam but they have little information about Islam. They only know that Muslims believe in God, pray and must not eat pork. I tried several times to describe for them about Islam but every time they only kept silent. Right now I’m trying to improve my financial situation to gain my financial independence. Any way thanks to God my parents respect to my belief especially with regard to eating.
Q. How is the Muslims attitude toward you?
Their attitude toward me is very good which caused me to feel myself as a member of a big family. They have helped me a lot after my conversion but regarding marriage many of the traditional Muslims can’t accept me and I think this is a big problem for new Muslims.
Q. What’s your opinion about the Hijab?
Hijab is a divine issue and I encourage Muslim women in this regard. But in China wearing hijab is a big problem for Muslim women and they are bearing a lot of pressure which make many problems for them in different situation like being hired. But I think wearing hijab in such a difficult situation is an exam for them designed by God to see who will pass it.
Q. What’s the attraction of an Islamic community for you?
There are many things which attract me but if I want to mention one of them I point to Hajj ceremony. When I see this ceremony I become excited. I think this ceremony indicates the superiority of God and the power of religion.
Q. Does Islam have a good effect on your life?
Of course it has but the most important one is spiritual and ethical. The educational system of China which has been based on Atheism caused people to have respect for nothing but Islam learned me to draw up a code of conduct for myself and to see if my action is being considered a breach of Islamic code or not. Also it has learned me the personal sacrifice.
Q.How is the life condition of Chinese Muslims?
I think religion in China is dying out and maybe this is because of dominating atmosphere in China. As you know China is an irreligious and Communist country. Muslims in China are living in poor conditions and since they can’t find halal food outside their areas they rarely leave their communities. They also have no attention for their development and educational level so it seems that they are underdeveloped in comparison with other part of China and I think-with regard to their way of life- many of them know what is the religion but they don’t know why they should be religious thus many of their worships lost its soul and only is a habit.
Q. What’s your opinion about saying prayers and fasting?
Both are God’s orders and a Muslim who can, must keep on doing both and I think these worships get us closer to God.
Q. Please let us know any other comments if you have.
Islam is a perfect religion but because of our actions and doings some people think Islam is rigid and violent and we should not expect that other people think about Islam such as we think and consider it as a perfect religion thus we should not humiliate those non-Muslims but we should learn how to deal with the followers of others religion with forgiveness and sacrifice and if we respect them then they will respect us too.

Translated by: Mohammad Baghani

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