Khomeini on 1st April 1979 said : Auspicious be a government in which there is no discrimination against any ethnic groups

SHAFAQNA -Auspicious be a government in which there is no discrimination against any ethnic groups be they white or black, Turk, Persian, Lori, Balouchis, etc. All people are equal and are brothers. Nobility may be achieved only through piety, and superiority derives from righteousness and moral deeds. Blessed be this day when all strata of the people attain their rights. There is no difference in implementing justice between and among men and women, religious minorities. The satanic regime had been interred after which insurgence and rebellion against God will also be buried. The country will be emancipated from the claws of domestic and foreign enemies, looters and plunderers – Imam Khomeini on 1 April 1979

and on March 31, 1988

” Equip yourselves with the inner qualities and arms.” Do not be afraid. As you are not afraid, prepare yourselves. O free and noble ones! Stand on your own feet. The superpowers of the East and West want to crush you under their blood-stained boots and unclean clutches such that you cannot even afford to utter a moan. Today is the day of resistance. Strike Saddam, America and the Western imperialism such that its lightning would blind the eyes of the Eastern arrogance. Today is not the day for delay. Today is the day of polishing humanity of human beings. It is the day of war. It is the day of demanding justice. Right should be restored. To expect the world-devourers to help us is futile. Today is the day of presence in the bridal suite of jihad) holy struggle (and martyrdom in the battlefield. It is the day of joy for the lovers of God. It is the day of celebration and rejoicing for the divine mystics. Today is the day when angles sing the praise of our combatants. Today’s delay will bring about tomorrow’s slavery. Today, the garment of love of the world must be taken off and the armor of jihad and resistance worn.

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