Khomeini(r) – The Famous Hero


O Son of Kaaba!

O Son of Karbala!

O Crown of Persia!

Khomeini(r) – the Famous Hero

Who Changed the World

Friends & Foes both say

With a Miraculous Theory

Of ‘’ IMAM  & UMMAT’’

Viz., Leader & Nation!

All Praise to our Creator,

Perpetual Blessing & Salutation

On your Infallible Ancestors (a) ,

Peace on the Day you were Born,

Peace on the Day you Passed away,

Peace on the Day you are Resurrected!

My all Kinsmen together with me

Sacrificed be

On your Holy Name,

Radiant Face

And Pious Soul;

Voice of Voiceless Khomeini(r) was

In this World of ‘’ Might is Right’’,

Axis of Hope   Khomeini(r) was

For Downtrodden Humans

Whom Cannibals Prey upon;

 Posterity will Remember Khomeini(r)

  As a Truly Brave Man

  Who Declared War on Oppressors

 With Unique Valorous War-slogan:

 “  Down with Imperialism!

  Death to Arrogant Powers ! “

  Alas! Day of Demise of yours 

Truly, the Day of Mourning was

For the Reason that

From us Parted away

Guide, Saviour, Icon of Justice,

 Revivalist, Statesman, Imam par Excellence

And Scholar of Highest Rank

Who Taught us Power

Of Faith, Self-consciousness, Dignity,

Honour, Perseverance, Responsibility,

 Sacrifice, Selflessness, Unity

And Trust in GOD ALMIGHTY;

For Vicegerency Khomeini(r) Preferred

His Replica & Taught

Ali Khamenei, Ali Khamenei

God-fearing, Daring,

Learned & Trustworthy

May GOD Grant him Longevity,

Health alongwith Safety!;

O  Idol of Idols, Khomeini(r)!

Sajad is Yearning

To be with you

In your Abode in Hereafter!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

By Sajad Khan

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