Kindness, believer’s distinctive attribute

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In an important divine narration (Hadith), questions have been asked from human beings which are based on kindness and its main theme is the behaviour of the believers:

O’ believers! Have you performed My instructions the way I ordered you?

Have you helped the poor and needy with your wealth?

Have you done good to those who wronged you?
Have you been generous to those who were unjust to you?

Have you established relation with those who cut theirs with you?

Have you treated justly the one who betrayed you?
Have you made it up with the one who parted with you?
Have you taught your children politeness?

Have you asked the religious scholars about your religion?

Be aware that I do not look at your good appearances but will look at your hearts and your actions and the goodness in those will make Me happy and satisfied [1].

[1] Tanbihul Khawater by Sheikh Abolhassan Warram

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