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Kindness towards Lady Fatima Zahra (AS)

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was in the Mosque with other Muslims, it was near Salaat, but that day Bilal was late to recite the call to the prayer (Adhan). Everybody was waiting and eventually Bilal arrived and the Prophet (PBUH) asked him: Why were you late? Bilal replied: I was coming towards the Mosque and I was passing by the house of Lady Fatima (AS) and I saw that Lady Fatima (AS) placed Imam Hassan (AS) on the floor, and he was crying and his mother was preparing flour. I said: Let me do one of these two tasks. Lady Fatima (AS) replied: I am kinder to my son. So she looked after her child and I prepared flour and this is why I was late. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) prayed to God for Bilal and said: You were kind to Fatima (AS), may Allah (SWT) be kind to you [1].

[1] Warram Collection, Vol. 2, page 230

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