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Kishangah police firing Case: High Court orders Govt. and DGP to form a probe committee

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

On 14th May 2014, communal clashes broke out between Sikhs and Muslims at Arshmahal locality of Kishanbagh over burning of a religious flag. Paramilitary force which was stationed for election duty was called in to control the riots. Paramilitary which was armed with INSAS rifle (a counter insurgency weapon) opened indiscriminate police firing on Muslim protestors killing three on spot and injuring over dozen others.

While disposing off a PIL, the High court of judicature at Hyderabad has directed Telangana Government to form committee within six weeks to probe Kishanbagh police firing in which three civilians were killed.

A city base Advocate Gulam Rabbani filed PIL no. 138/2014 in the High Court challenging the crowd control actions of the police which led to casualties.

In his petition Advocate Rabbani charged police of gross negligence in following due process of law, more categorically not following the basic rules led down in police manual to control riot situation, where indiscriminate firing in the crowd above waist level is not permitted, whereas, police in Kishanbagh did exactly the same on that fateful day.

Moreover, he charged police of not obtaining permission from executive magistrate which is a legal necessity for the police before taking this extreme action.

Advocate Rabbani in his petition argued, that to probe the illegalities committed by the police force at Kishanbagh it is essential to form an expert committee to probe the matter.

Bench of Chief Justice Kalyan Jyoti Sengupta and Justice Sanjay Kumar in their order dated 20-10-2014 directed Govt. of Telangana and Director General of Police to form a committee within six weeks to inquire into loss of life and property due to use of excessive police force. High Court also directed that said committee should complete the inquiry and submit its report within six months of its

formation. Given the lacklustre attitude shown by Government of Telangana in even filing counter to his petition in the court, Advocate Gulam Rabbani is apprehensive on the formation of committee by the Govt. in the stipulated time. Speaking with TCN Advocate commented that he is determined to take the court order to its logical conclusion and if Telangana Government stumbles on adhering to the order, he will again take them to court for contempt of court proceeding.

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