Knowing the true guidance

SHAFAQNA – Many people who do not have the proper knowledge of the religion of Islam are tied up with behaviours which they think is Islamic and will satisfy God. They do not realise that their acts are nothing but heresy. Regarding the true guidance and its role in human’s lives Imam Hassan (AS) said: Verily, you will never know piety until you know the character of the guidance, and will never find the bond with the Quran until you know about those who abandoned it, and will never recite the Quran properly until you know about those who tampered with it. Whenever you know about these, then you will know about heresy, about the ways you blocked to yourselves and about those who lied about God and will find out how those who follow their desires, will fall [1].

[1] Tohaful Oqool, Page 227.

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