SHAFAQNA – It’s just a tool, not the aim
It’s a mean for eternal gain
Its power, its superiority
It’s the base of all sublimity

It can be heaven, it can be hell
Remember the trap, many fell
Neither for praise nor for personal gain
Seek it for humankind, for beneficial aim

That your eyes be free of envy
Heart with intentions pure, not sly
That you be compassionate, humble, truthful
That you be gentle, listening and insightful

That your speech be soft, light
You be well-mannered, polite
Discuss with learned to seek it
Be tolerant the more you have it

That you be pious, a person of integrity
A virtuous researcher with good memory
With God as guide, you abstain from sin
With results satisfied, though be none

That you be virtuous, be kind and faithful
That you love and oft visit knowledgeable
These are the traits of seekers of knowledge
Said by Ali, the gate of the city of knowledge

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