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Saudi Arabia set to execute 14 death row prisoners – No turning back said Saudi official

SHAFAQNA – Unknown to many for few media outlets have dared speak against Saudi Arabia’s murderous tendencies, the kingdom has systematically – and one must in all impunity, executed an average of one person per day over the past 4 weeks alone, for crimes which range from political dissidence to alleged acts of apostasy.

Its needs to be noted that any criticism raised against the Saudi monarchy is considered an act of apostasy in the kingdom. The most absolute and violent of theocracy, Saudi Arabia does not tolerate any challenge to its rule, its dogmatism, or its thirst for control over all communities.

Lost in the middle of such fury sits Saudi Arabia’s Shia community  – forever the recipient of a hatred so deeply rooted within popular belief that all Shiites have long been denied their humanity to be relegated to the status of animals deserving the slaughter.

Ignored by mainstream, shun by politicians for speaking their cause has been equated to political suicide, Saudi Arabia’s Shiites have faced an oppression that cannot be put into words …

Today, like so many yesterdays Shia Muslims await the sword … and it is unlikely the world community will offer more than a whisper in condemnation or reproach.

It is unlikely that human rights organisations will challenge the intolerable over fear to antagonise those pockets and those powerful hands that hold those strings they dance by. And we were told that Justice is no one’s mistress but her own.

Earlier this month, Reprieve lambasted Saudi Arabia for upholding a death sentence for 23-year-old Munir Adam, a partially deaf and blind man who was allegedly tortured into a confession.
Police are accused of torturing Adam, who was arrested during protests in 2012, until he lost all hearing in one ear, despite medical records proving his disabilities.

On July 11, the Saudi authorities executed four men convicted on charges of “terrorism” for alleged attacks against police and participating in protest-related violence against security forces.
On January 2, 2016, the kingdom executed 47 prisoners convicted of various offences, among them prominent religious leader Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who had led protests against the government.

Drunk on its own arrogance Saudi Arabia is no longer attempting to rationalise its human rights abuses, rather it is flaunting them as one would do a trophy.

Earlier this week sources in the kingdom confirmed that all 14 prisoners currently awaiting on death row will be executed, stressing that no amount of criticism or calls for mercy will sway the authorities.



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