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KSA pounds religious procession in Yemen – The War on Islam

SHAFAQNA – As millions came together this Monday to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in Sana’a (Yemen capital) – a date which has long symbolised hope and unity, Saudi Arabia to pound those men, women, and children it views as apostates … the #Muwali (the followers of Ali)

The very house which has proclaimed itself the grand Custodian and Keeper of Islam tradition ordered for millions of innocents to be martyred for they dared remembered the last prophet of God, and in reverence speak his holy name. What left is there to say …

What rationale is there left to weave when the House of Saud declares war on the very faith it alleges to follow? We have long gone beyond a simple theological discussion whereby various schools of thoughts are discussing jurisprudence … Wahhabism has declared war on Islam, and in fire it wants to forge a new age.

What truth is there left to speak but that which is rooted in rejection since it is Truth Wahhabism has rejected?

Was it not the Prophet Muhammad who said: “Ali is with the truth and the truth is with Ali.”[1]

What and whose tradition is Wahhabism carrying when it has labelled the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday an act of heresy, an aberration and a deviance? Whose glory are they acknowledging beside their own by outlawing that which is righteous?

How can remembrance be a heresy when spent on the Prophet Muhammad? Wasn’t he the purest soul ever to have been created? Wasn’t he Guidance among all Guidance?

Should we bow now to another tradition and forget the brilliance of Al Muhammad? What ill did Al Muhammad commit to anger Wahhabism so? Surely Wahhabism cannot speak for the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad when it would rather celebrate its royal house and allow for Al Muhammad to lay in darkness and oppression?

Before the fury of Wahhabism Yemen came to speak its testimony of faith anew … maybe then communities will remember whose guidance is better for them should their heart feel inclined.

If war has engulfed Yemen the real battle is for Islam’s tradition. If war has plagued Syria and Iraq, victory has come in Resistance.

Resistance today is no longer a quiet murmur, it is the roar of a people in united rejection.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

[1] Tarikh-e-Baghdad vol. 14 p. 321

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