KTO publishes guidebook to attract Chinese Muslims


Korea’s tourism industry is introducing programs to attract Chinese Muslims to Korea.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) said Thursday that it has published its first Chinese-language tour guidebook designed to cater to Muslims from China.

“Almost 20 million people of 10 ethnic minorities including Hui and Uyghur in China are Muslims, with a concentrated population in the Xinjiang region,” a KTO official said. “But most guidebooks for Muslim tourists were for those in Southeast Asia, so there has been no Muslim-related information available in Chinese.”

The guidebooks have information about Muslim-friendly facilities here, including prayer rooms, mosques and restaurants offering halal food.

On Thursday, a group of 24 Chinese Muslims arrived in Korea to take part in a program jointly developed by the KTO, Asiana Airlines and local tourism agencies.

The group will spend five days here and have meals at restaurants certified by the Korea Muslim Federation, such as bibimbap (rice mixed with assorted vegetables) and samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng), as well as visit major tourist attractions.

“With more halal restaurants expected to open across the country, we’ll develop tourist programs for Chinese Muslims connecting Jeju and Busan,” the KTO official said.

Last week, the KTO stated that it aims to attract 1 million Muslim tourists this year in an effort to diversify the inbound tourism market.

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