Lady Fatimah burning house

SHAFAQNA – The chain of events which led to the martyrdom of Lady Fatimah, the beloved daughter of the last Prophet of God, and wife to the first Imam of Islam, Ali ibn Abu Talib has long been subject to intense debate since it underpins a great degree of guilt on the part of those companions closest to prophet Muhammad.

Discussions in connection with the attack on the house of Lady Fatimah have always generate huge emotional outbursts and upset as they speak of loyalty, betrayal, and ultimately of a grand divide within Islamic communities.

It is often we forget that it is actually the attack on lady Fatimah’s house which has prompted Shia Muslims to stand suspicious of those individuals Sunni Islam holds in highest regards. And since there could be no greater treachery than an attack on the House (AhlulBayt), and since the prophet called on Muslim to perfect their religion in their obedience and submission to the House, Shia Islam remains pained by Sunnis’ rejection of such command.

Lady Fatimah was a member of the House, and through her it was the light of her father, and the Word of God which lived on. It is through her that Islam was given its Imams and that Guidance was safeguarded. It is through her again that the Imam of our time will return, and offer salvation.

Islam offers a purified guidance for all regardless of one’s background and former beliefs. This idea that factions ought to remain loyal to their forefathers’ teachings regardless of the merits of such teachings need to be overcome for the Truth to be accepted. Islam offers such Truth.

The Prophet Muhammad made abundantly clear that his House, his progeny was as much part of his Message, than the Quran itself since he offered them both to his community as a just reminder of God’s will onto mankind.

The real betrayal is to deny oneself unity in Islam by embracing the love our prophet imparted onto his House.




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