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Lady Zainab (S.A) propounded Justice 1400 years ago

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SHAFAQNA- The subject of women and Ashura has been a matter for Shiite scholars in the last half century. This group of scholars has introduced prominent religious women to demonstrate religious patterns of attracting Muslim women to spaces. 

In Ashura, the names of 40 women were mentioned that played a positive role, and in the Ashura incident, which has two faces of cruelty and right, on the front of cruelty, the name of no woman has been registered, but on the right front, many women were mentioned from the family of Bani Hashem To the companions and the women of Yazid and others.

Speaking with Shafaqna, Hojjat-al-Islam Dr. Mehdi Mehrizi analyzing the important and influential role of women before and after the Ashura event, the realization of some of today’s concepts propounded by women 1400 years ago, as well as different methods of women in conveying Ashura’s message, emphasized that what is propounded as justice, a great woman named Zaynab (S) referred to it 1400 years ago.

He added that the personality of Fatimah (SA), as well as Zaynab (SA) pictured by Dr. Shariaty, in Iran, is in this direction. Perhaps martyr Mortaza Motahhari, the first Shiite thinker who seriously addresses the role of women in the Ashura incident, in Husseini’s Epic book, considers the Ashura movement as a male-female movement, and writes: “The history of Karbala is a male-female history and incident; an incident both men and women are involved in it, but the man in his orbit and the woman in her orbit. The miracle of Islam is this. Imam Hussein (AS) moved with his family in order to carry out a mission; in order to have a direct role in building this great history, with Zainab (SA) as leader of caravan”.

He stated that there are many women who have positive role in Karbala incident, whether they were in the camp of Imam Hussein (AS) or in the camp of Yazid, one of whom played a significant role in the incident of Karbala, was Zainab (SA). She had responsibility of the caravan of Karbala since the afternoon of Ashura. There are many sentences and sermons that have been remembered by her and the words of Imam Hussein (AS) and Imam Sajjad (or) about him, such as the sermon in Kufa and the sermon in Levant.


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