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Mini-city for pilgrims in Karbala: the largest one

largest mini-city for pilgrims

Shafaqna – Sayyid El-Ewssya pilgrim mini-city is a new modern edifice built for pilgrims who come to make a pilgrimage to Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him).

This mini-city is 30 acres

This project is 30 acres. It consists of a 1200-square-meter mosque, a two-floor clinic, a 400-square-meter building for reception and management.  A 500-square meter kitchen, 220 apartments, 11 800-square-meter two-floor halls where pilgrims sleep, fountains, and gardens are other parts of the mini-city, said Mohammed Kadhim chief engineer of the Imam-Hussein Holy Shrine.

The mini-city is open for pilgrims every single day

The complex is located on an important road that leads to Kerbala; It is open for pilgrims every single day, said Kadhim further.

Equipped with the best appliances, it is considered as an entertainment place for the people of Kerbala.

The period of time the mini-city took was 5 years; such a period is normal for achieving such a huge project.

The director of the project department of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine said that they would build mini-cities on the boarders in the future in order to offer services to pilgrims coming on the greatest pilgrimages.

By: Sedeaq El-Ezearjawi / Translated by: Mohammed Alobaid

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