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Leader of Armenian Orthodox Christians invited to attend Imam Sajjad conference in Karbala


The Imam Hussein Holy Shrine sent a delegation to invite the Archbishop Afak Asoderyan, leader of the Armenian Orthodox Christians in Iraq, to visit the Imam Hussein holy Shrine and attend the Sejjadian Rhythmical-supplication International Conference which is specialized in the treatise of Human Rights of Imam Ali Es-Sejjad, son of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Them); a treatise that ensures the rights of all human beings of various races, nationalities, and beliefs.

On the other hand, Asoderyan asked the delegation to deliver his request to the Islamic Supreme Religious Authority sayyid Ali El-Hussainin Es-Sistani to support the existence of the Christians in Iraq.

He also mentioned that Christians in Iraq need a serious protection, and it is not enough when organizations and official and non-official figures support Christians.

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