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Leaders of Shia community of California visited synagogue of Irvine

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SHAFAQNA- Leaders of Shia community of Southern California visited Beth Jacob Jewish congregation of Irvine to express their solidarity. 

Dr Seyyed Mostafa Qazwini, President of Shia Muslim Council of Southern California and other members of Islamic Educational Center of Orange County (IECOC) took part in Beth Jacob Jewish congregation of Irvine yesterday.

Referring to this visit, Hadi Qazwini, thanked the warm welcome of Lee Weissman and the rest of congregation, tweeting “We’ll always stand together with love”.

Lee Weissman, Director of Community Engagement at Institute of Jewish Muslim Action (IJMA) tweeted the news of this visit, stressing on the importance of such meetings.

“Many in our Beth Jacob community felt that yesterday bagan a new era in our ability to build community with our Muslim brothers and sisters. I hope we find new avenued of connection”, he tweeted.


Earlier this week, The Shia Muslim Council of Southern California in a statement strongly condemned the terrorist attack upon worshipers in the midst of Sabbath service at the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday Oct 27 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Our hearts go out to the families of the worshipers who were mercilessly killed as well as those were injured. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. We join people of all faiths in sending a strong message that the sanctity of synagogues, churches, mosques, and all places of worship must be protected and call on our law enforcement agencies to provide protection against such heinous acts of wanton killings. We pray to God Almighty for the safety of all in our nation, and call upon our political leaders to help engender respect and civility in our political debate. The prevailing climate of distension and discord has the potential of spawning more strife amongst the people of this nation, thus incubating home grown terrorists like the one who has perpetrated this calamity on innocent”, the statement said.

The SMC also called upon the legislators to curtail the free availability of weapons of mass killings, such as the one used in this terrorist attack. Such weapons have no place in the streets of America.


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