Leaked Video shows prisoners in Saudi completely naked and swollen feet

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – A leaked video from inside the Malaz prison in Riyadh showed the situation of prisoners there, Jail over crowded and showed prisoner sitting on a chair, completely naked and his face covered with scarf .The prisoner feet, which seems to black and swollen.
Video did not exceed thirty seconds and broadcasted on Sunday evening through YouTube, it showed appearance of a person to be a prisoner, and the one who is filming says I’ll show you something funny and he moved the camera to the young man masked and completely naked and sitting on a chair. The comment section photographer laughingly said, “Look around him does not care”, before asking of “naked men” that lifting the veil, but he kept quiet.

This comes as Saudi Interior Ministry carried out a campaign through the local media and writers affiliated with them, “to confirm that their prisons, including the political like five accommodation stars”, He published photographs of luxury bedrooms, claiming they are intended for prisoners.

The General Directorate of Prisons said video is true and said spokesman Maj. Abdullah Al-Harbi in a press statement yesterday, “The person who appeared naked is charged with issues of doing obscene and murder, and was photographed in this position to influence the trial proceedings,” noting that “he was referring all those involved in the crime imaging to investigate. “

Human Rights activist Yahya Asiri on the video saying: “Who is responsible for the dire situation? Is the man naked mentally healthy? Are his foot signs of torture or medical negligence? “.
It is noteworthy that Malaz prison located in the center of the capital Riyadh, which is dedicated to the prisoners in criminal cases

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