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Lebanese Analyst: US sanctions did not affect the formation of Lebanon government

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SHAFAQNA- The second phase of US sanctions against Iran began last week, and at the same time, US sanctions against Lebanon’s Hezbollah (HIFPA) began in a modified version.
What is worrying about the implications of these sanctions is that the United States has deliberately begun a boycotting of both sides at the same time; a case that suggests that the US government will deal with these two cases as one case.
The White House statement said Hezbollah is a close partner to Iran and its successor. Now, the question arises as to what consequences the sanctions will have on Hezbollah and Lebanon, and how will it affect the formation of the state and the economic situation in Lebanon.
In this regard, Lebanese analyst and expert, Kamel Wazne, said “now the new weapon of US is sanctions”, adding that “Hezbollah is out of Lebanon Financial system, so the economic and financial system of this party will not be affected by these sanctions seriously”.
Speaking exclusively with Shafaqna, Wazne stressed that these sanctions may affect the process of transferring money abroad and will influence on Lebanon more than Hezbollah because Lebanon has a significant number of immigrants in foreign countries, and the process of transferring money will become difficult.
Referring to the fact that the sanctions did not affect the formation of the Lebanese government, he said “Some of Lebanese voted their representatives. This group will be present in the parliament and will enter the process of political action. The Lebanese government today needs more tolerance”.
The Lebanese analyst rejected any further financial or economic collapse in Lebanon, adding that “an American decision has been made, this is not the first or final decision. When a threat is posed, the government team will be affected and will have consequences. While so far, these threats have had no effect on the factions responsible for forming the government that was the main goal”.
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