Lebanese Army Arrested 945 in February

SHAFAQNA – Al-Akbar said ” Some 945 people were arrested in February on suspicion of either involvement in “terrorist acts” or shootings, smuggling and drug trafficking, the Lebanese army said in a statement Wednesday.” According to the statement, as part of the security plan being implemented in various areas across Lebanon, the military arrested “945 individuals of different nationalities” involved in “terrorist acts, shootings, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, the possession of weapons” as well as other minor offenses such as residing in Lebanon without residency permits and driving without legal papers.

Many refugees fleeing war-torn Syria have been residing in Lebanon without permits. Lebanon has tightened border restrictions since January in an effort to curb the entry of Syrians into its territories. In the past, citizens of both countries had been able to travel freely across their shared border since Lebanon gained independence in 1943. However, Lebanon’s population has grown by nearly 25 percent since the war in Syria began in 2011, with over 1.5 million Syrian refugees sheltered in a country with a population of 4 million, making it the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the world.

Source : Al-Akhbar.com

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