Lebanese cleric urges unity of Muslims, Christians against Takfirists

SHAFAQNA – Senior Lebanese cleric has slammed Takfiri terrorists as the enemy of humanity calling Muslims and Christians to confront them in a joint front.

Grand Ayatollah Abdul Amir Qabalan, head of the Supreme Lebanese Shia Parliament, denounced the terrorist attacks in Spain and Finland calling that as a new brutal crime by Takfiri criminals who have exited Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” The terrorists are deviated from Islamic teachings and their performance confirms their extreme butality since their crimes lead to massacre of the defenseless civilians” and added,” The sole objective of these terrorists is to fulfill their criminal whims; therefore, They can be called as enemy of humanity.”

He stressed that the mission of Muslims and Christians across the globe is to stand in a joint front against terrorists, block their weaponry and financial aids and no country grant them asylum.

Ayatollah Qabalan hailed Lebanese nation and army for their achievements against Takfiri terrorists and urged for financial, political and military aids for the country to stand against terrorists and clear the whole area of the plague.

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