Lebanese clerics blast Netanyahu

SHAFAQNA – Israel PM Benyamin Netanyahu who recently took to the US Congress to deliver a vehement anti-Iranian speech as to persuade US lawmakers not to broker a deal with Iran in regards to its nuclear program was blasted by Lebanese clerics this Friday.

Seyyed Ali Fazlollah, a prominent Lebanese cleric placed the emphasis on Israel war crimes against not just the Palestinian people, but also Lebanese. Questioning Israel’s motives he pondered over the PM’s rhetoric of hate and double standard.

“One of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world belongs to the Zionist regime” said the cleric.stressing this very line that this regime also forwards its nuclear activities and has access to nuclear weapons.

Sheikh Afif Nablesi also censured  the Israeli PM. He warned against Israel’s military threat, stressing that Israel’s belligerent ways and hatred for all Muslims inherently put the region at jeopardy.He noted that the real face of terror is that of Zionism.

Another prominent Lebanese cleric, Sheikh Abdol Amir Qablan called on Muslims to team up and unified against Israel’s plots as to foil the machinations it concocted with its regional puppets.

Sheikh Ahmad Qeblan also slammed Netanyahu for his vitriolic narrative against Iran, comparing Zionists to takfiris.

In a speech to the US Congress, Netanyahu depicted Iran as a “threat to the entire world” and called on Washington not to negotiate a “very bad deal” with Tehran over its nuclear program.

Iran and the P5+1 group – Russia, China, France, Britain, the US and Germany – are negotiating to narrow their differences over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program ahead of a July 1 deadline.

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