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Lebanon blamed Israel for attempts to split ME

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SHAFAQNA– Lebanon’s President Accuses Israel of Trying to ‘Split’ the Middle East.

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun has blamed Israel for attempts to split the Middle East along social and religious lines.

“In the Middle East Israel is trying to carve up the region into a patchwork of secular and religious entities, quasi-states, in a bid to put together a sectarian puzzle,” Aoun said in an interview with French daily newspaper Le Figaro.

The Lebanese president also described Israel as a threat to his country’s sovereignty and blamed it for continuously violating Palestinian rights.

He urged Europe to “support Lebanon’s effort to ensure the safe return of Syrian refugees to their homes,” and to “contribute more to the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees, Sputnik News reported.

Israel is making excuses to justify its aggression

In a scathing reaction to Netanyahu’s speech, Lebanon’s acting foreign minister Gebran Bassil suggested that Israel had forgotten its previous defeats at the hands of Lebanese forces.

“Israel is once again making excuses to justify its aggression while using the United Nations as a platform”, Lebanese Foreign Minister said in response to Netanyahu’s remarks at the United Nations.

“Here is Israel once again coming up with excuses to justify aggression and preparing to violate the sovereignty of other nations using the [UN] platform,” Bassil tweeted.

“Israel has forgotten that Lebanon drove it out, defeated its aggression, and seems oblivious to the fact that its arrogance and ‘new friends’ will be of no benefit,” the foreign minister added, referring to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remark about Israel gaining a new “intimacy and friendship” with other Arab states against Iran.

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