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Lebanon: Hariri hopes for government formation soon

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SHAFAQNA– Lebanon Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri on Tuesday said he hoped a new government would be formed after President Michel Aoun returns from a trip abroad.

Saying the economic situation requires everyone to compromise a bit for the sake of the country, Hariri pointed out all political sides including the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic had made concessions on their demands for posts in the next Cabinet, and all the complications are on the way to be resolved.

He added we hope for the formation of a government after the return of the president from a trip abroad.

Aoun’s travel to Armenia is expected to be back in Lebanon Friday.

Lebanon’s first parliamentary vote in nine years was held on May 6, with over 500 candidates vying for seats. Turnout was 49.2 percent, according to officials.

According to official results, Hezbollah and its political allies secured over half the seats, Press TV reported.

Emphasizing that he is not responsible for the serious delay, Hariri had called on political parties to “show modesty” in their demands regarding the new government.

Years of governmental paralysis in Lebanon due to Political competition made the country to do not produce a state budget from 2005 until last year.

The International Monetary Fund has said that Lebanon must urgently address its fiscal policy in order to sustain its high levels of public debt.

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