Leishmaniasis, a disease common between humans and animals


Leishmaniasis is a chronic skin disease shared between humans and animals that transmitted to humans by rats and appear to skin lesions that may appear after a few months. If you do not pay attention to the treatment of cutaneous wound, that remained even if improve.

While ago, Health Minister, on the sidelines of the National Conference of the disease in 17 of the country’s health and increased disease in the province due to the increase in planting summer crops in some cities and the ravages of modern state construction and demolition wastes.

The incidence of leishmaniasis in tropical countries such as China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, the Caucasus and southeastern Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India is the story of having old story and even in our country long ago as endemic diseases Kerman, Isfahan, Shiraz, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Sistan-Baluchistan was considered.

For this reason, the doctor Mahmoud Nabavi, deputy director of Management Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education also emphasizes that: The prevalence of this disease in our country is always relative and the increased prevalence of the disease in 17 provinces is not new event and not just for this year.

Important thing about this is that cutaneous infection control annual statistics due to population increase, Construction more and construction and demolition wastes produced by the Association of accumulation rodents are carriers of the parasite leishmaniasis. The process is slow.

Reservoir of cutaneous leishmaniasis, a mouse named “Rembumus Apymus” and is a type of mosquito called sandflies cutaneous leishmaniasis parasite is transmitted to humans from animals.

Construction waste chaos is the main cause of presence this type mouse in residential areas to approaching Location For this reason, Health Minister warns that should soon be thinking about the issue of choice and practical strategy and implementation to take place, because of different diseases of the human animal.

Leishmaniasis parasite lives in the body of rodents, such as mice. Mice with blood sucking sand flies, eat the parasite, parasitic disease is transmitted to humans.

Leishmaniasis, gift mice to humans

Leishmaniasis is a chronic skin disease shared between humans and animals that transmitted to humans by rats and appear to skin lesions that may appear after a few months. If you do not pay attention to the treatment of cutaneous wound, that remained even if improve.

Thus, mice have 500 meters away with human. Not cause serious injury to human. But with the increase in construction and demolition wastes increases the possibility of approaching the animal to the human life, this factor is the increased prevalence of Leishmaniasis

About two to eight months after the bite, occurs Swelling and redness at the site of the bite and grows gradually scarring.

This lesion slowly over a period of six months to a year improved, but it affects left untreated and will damage to beautiful person.

While the treatment and quickly see, if you see any kind of injury that is too good, Leishmaniasis disease can be completely cured.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis always existed in Iran

According to Deputy Management Center of the Ministry of Health with the exception of the northwest corner of Iran and cities such as Tehran and Kurdistan in other parts of the country always have outbreaks of this disease.

Prophetic doctor emphasized that in recent years do not had a significant increase in the annual incidence of this disease in the country, Said that last time we had prevalence of cutaneous leishmaniasis were after the Bam earthquake.

We concerned about the spread of malaria in the region, but we face with increasing cutaneous leishmaniasis. Because mud walls collapsed buildings and one two years of negotiations, construction and demolition wastes collected from the city, and after this happened, so the outbreak leishmaniasis was controlled.

Leishmaniasis eradication is impossible

Prophetic doctor emphasized that rodents carry parasites and eliminate certain they are always very costly, time consuming and in the current situation is impossible, adds: The effective measures in this area, which includes the identification of foci of disease, the tattoo nest and feed by poison is in these places. These actions by the governor, the Ministry of Health and the Department of Veterinary and using the budget crisis the country is run each year. Also try to create places of accumulation of waste and construction and demolition wastes as much as possible be avoided.

However, these measures are fully successful in preventing the creation of centers of accumulation of rodent vectors of leishmaniasis, because the city has expanded and construction always takes place around them. That’s why each year we usually leishmaniasis outbreak of disease transmission cycle within around seeing new settlements.

To avoid mosquito bites while sleeping outdoors, use of bed nets

Leishmaniasis disease prevention

It seems that the most important step to prevent leishmaniasis, According to the Environmental Health and gathering places, close to home, The main burden of the implementation and oversight of government agencies related to health and public or private building contractors, construction zones border cities.

No doubt, the people must not allow waste and construction and demolition wastes will accumulate near their residences. . As well as consider to safety in the home, including the use of nets on doors and windows seriously.

To destroy tanks and early centers seeker should consecutive years, the elimination of rodent burrows that cause the disease, especially in border cities and centers of accumulation of rodents occur. But cannot stop building process for the growing population of people,

But we can do more extensive control measures and utilization of the budget crisis for prevent of the rebellion spread of diseases such as Leishmaniasis were in the country.

Methods used to prevent of Leishmaniasis

·         When sleeping outdoors, use of bed nets.

·         You installed small Lace on doors and windows in the house entrance.

·         Be avoided keeping of livestock and poultry in the distance is too close to home.

·         Be avoided collecting and pouring rubbish and construction debris, animal waste and fertilizers in and around residential areas and in a radius of less than five meters.

·         Rehabilitation and restoration of the environment and the growth and proliferation of mosquitoes resting place (slot walls) to be precise and accurate.

·         Be avoided the release of wastewater in the streets

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