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Let’s not give to hysteria following Brussels’ attack by radicals

SHAFAQNA -Once more terror has come to shatter peace and throw civilian life into the throes of fear and hysteria. At such a time when nefarious elements of society are working to divide communities alongside ethnic, religious and political lines, it is important to remember what it is which unite us, and realise that it is division and hate which such groups aim to achieve.

Brussels today was rocked by a twin terror attach, which violence should of course be strongly addressed … but let’s not allow for anger, and calls for retribution to cloud our collective judgement by allowing hatred to motivate our hands, and our tongue.

Islam it needs to be said again does not promote violence and bloodshed – quite the contrary since it strictly, and absolutely condemns evil-doers, and warmongers.

Islam calls for justice and reason, compassion and tolerance. A faith based on submission, and devotion to the Word of God, there is no action more reprehensible in the eye of the All Mighty, than chaos and violence.

It is violence, evil and injustice which Terror speaks …. not Islam.

It is blood and suffering which Terror seeks to promote.

At such a time when our collective humanity is being targeted, let us remember to pray for one another. Let us remember that together we live under the same sky, and pray to the same One God.

There is greater power in piety, than there will ever in hate.

At such a time of great fear, let us submit to His Will, and call on His name so that reason can prevail.


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