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Letters: Brussels: the Isis threat to Muslims

SHAFAQNA – The following are letters which were sent to the independent in reaction to Brussels’ attacks.


Like every ordinary Muslim, I’m fed up with Daesh (Isis) killing innocent people in the name of Islam, a religion which prohibits such crimes.

Daesh actually imposes an existential threat to Islam. Most of its victims are Muslims and most of those fighting against Daesh are Muslims. Western media, however, ignores Daesh crimes against non-westerners. For example, on 9 March, about 55 people died (mostly Daesh terrorists) in a gun battle as Daesh attacked a Tunisian town.

Bombing Muslim countries and killing ordinary Muslims will only increase Daesh recruits. All lives are equal and all lives matter.

Mohammed Samaana


Here we are again with yet another devastating blow to freedom at the hands of Islamic fanatics. When will our leaders realise that the cause is their efforts to illegally interfere in the Middle East to enable regime change vis a vis the “Arab Springs”, and their dangerous dealings with Islamic fanatics to do their bidding?

It’s time to disengage from the Middle East and focus on improving security at home.

Dr Michael Pravica

Henderson, Nevada, USA 

After the atrocity in Brussels, I hope that those who persist in deluding themselves that Islamic terrorism is the result of Western foreign policy in Muslim lands will come to their senses. What has Belgium ever done to deserve such carnage?

Stan Labovitch


In 1914 and 1939 we didn’t abandon our allies in Europe when they were faced with unspeakable threats; we stood with them and faced down the menace.

Many people in the Brexit camp seem ashamed of our glorious internationalist tradition and would rather leave our allies to fend for themselves. Can you imagine Winston Churchill’s reaction to this capitulation? He would be disgusted.

We do not abandon friends, together we are strong, and together we can beat any external threat. It is isolation that threatens the UK, not working with our friends and allies.

Simon G Gosden

Rayleigh, Essex

Surely selective spot-checking in airport concourses before check-in is the only option to try to prevent airport bombings. Apart from creating an additional bottle-neck in already tedious procedures, a pre-check area would be crowded and would itself be an ideal target for suicide bombers.

It is simply not practicable to screen everyone in public places where crowds gather, whether for transport, entertainment, shopping or whatever.

Gavin Turner

Gunton, Norfolk


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