Levels of contentment

SHAFAQNA – Contentment is a position where whatever happens, the believer is satisfied with it. For a believer, comfort and discomfort, life or death, poverty or wealth are the same and does not want anything that God does not want. Jaber ibn Abdullah Ansari became ill, Imam Baqer (AS) went to visit him and told Jaber: How are you? Jaber replied: With me, poverty is better than wealth, illness better than health and death better is than than life. Imam (AS) said: We are not like that, from life and death, poverty and wealth, illness and health, whatever happens for us, we want that, we are content with the satisfaction of Allah (SWT) [1].

[1] Maqamaat Ma’anawi by Mohsen Beena, Vol. 2, page 41.

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