Levels of purification

SHAFAQNA – A believer should know that purification (Tazkeyeh), means cleaning, cleansing of soul. Generally, purification has three levels. First, purification of human’s intellect, wisdom and soul, meaning the purification of belief which is due to wisdom and the result is shown in the heart, for example “Shirk” which is a contamination of the belief. To cleanse this contamination from inside is the clean up of the belief. This cleaning is called the “purification of belief”, purifying belief from false belief.

Second is the purification of soul; meaning cleaning the wicked acts, for example jealousy, selfishness and this is the ethical dimension. The third is the cleaning of deeds; meaning a human not to commit bad deeds and purify his/her deeds. Therefore purification has three levels or dimensions, in belief, morality (ethics) and deeds [1].

[1] Aynal Rajabiyyoun by Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Page 38.

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