Libya Dawn threatens ‘oil crescent’ region

SHAFAQNA – The Libya Dawn militia has threatened to attack the oil-rich eastern regions of the country if the Tobruk parliament sells oil outside the terms of a UN-brokered agreement.

Ala al-Hawaik, a Libya Dawn spokesman, told al-Araby al-Jadeed on Thursday: “If oil is sold through channels other than those agreed upon, then we will be forced to attack the oil crescent and seize control.

“So far, there have been no oil exports from the oil crescent and the movement of oil tankers has been halted. But the forces of Libya Dawn are ready and awaiting what may transpire in the next couple of days.”

The UN mission in Libya succeeded in March in bringing the Petroleum Facilities Guard, affiliated to the Libyan army, and the Shuruq Campaign fighters affiliated to Libya Dawn, to agree to withdraw fighters from the oil crescent and sell oil in a nationally agreed system.

However Abdullah al-Thani, the prime minister of the Tobruk government, set up a new company soon afterwards as a parallel oil export channel, with a bank account in the UAE designated for oil revenues.

Libya Dawn helped set up and backs a parliament sitting in Tripoli after forcing the internationally recognised government to flee to Tobruk. The UN is attempting to get both sides to form a unity government.

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