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Lies, lies, lies – propaganda of war in Yemen

SHAFAQNA – Just like it did in Syria, Saudi Arabia and its allies have weaved a narrative of war and lies to better criminalized their opponents and rise the only voice of reason among chaos.

Yemen today has been sold to the wolves of corporate media, so that the world could learn to hate in good conscious those very men and women who actually represent Yemen’s popular legitimacy.

A report published by Reuters this Saturday reads the following: “The Red Cross said on Saturday it had entered the war-torn Yemeni city of Taiz for the first time since August, delivering three tonnes of life-saving medical supplies to four hospitals treating the wounded.

“This is a breakthrough and we hope that today’s operation will be followed by many more to come,” Antoine Grand, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Yemen, said in a statement.

Taiz is contested between local militias and the armed Houthi group which many residents say blocks aid from entering and bombs civilian targets. It is one of the worst fronts of the 10-month war, in which forces loyal to a Saudi-backed government ousted by the Houthis in March are seeking to fight back to the capital Sana’a.”
According to Reuters the Houthis are in fact committed harrowing war crimes against civilian populations in the name of control … this is in fact a lie – worse actually as it is an insidious manipulation engineered to de- legitimize the Resistance movement, headed by the Houthis.
Why? Because the Houthis represent popular will. Because the Houthis and the Resistnace which stands behind them ambition to free Yemen from under the boot of Western-led, Saudi-implemented imperialism.
Taiz is in fact under attack … in fact this former capital of Yemen has become a battleground for great many factions, each with a conflicting agenda and ambitions. For months now the Houthis backed by local tribes and former members of the debunked Republican Guards have tooth and nails to push back al-Qaeda militants from the area, while battling against the Saudi-coalition, mercenaries bought by the West and sold-out tribesmen.
The Houthis have not imposed a siege against the people of Taiz, they have worked to free the people of Taiz from the grip of radicals.
Of course corporate media have sold instead a convenient lie to better hide the fact that Western powers entertain despicable friendships with terrorists.
There are 26 million people in Yemen … 22 million stand today to die of starvation all under a blockade Saudi Arabia has organized while the world keeps mum.
Saudi Arabia and its armies of radicals have become a global threat. It might be time for the world to catch up …
By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna
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