Life history of Ayatullah At-Tabrasi


By: Bintul Huda

Ayatullah Ash-Sheikh Fazal bin Hassan bin Fazal At-Tabrasi known as Amin Al-Islam was born in the holy city of Mash’had, Iran in 460 Hijri.

His family was famous in learning and excellence, which rendered great services to Islam and the Muslims. His respected father was a great scholar of his time.

Ayatullah At-Tabrasi attained knowledge from Abu Ali At-Tousi (Ibn-e-Sheikh At-Ta’ifah), Hassan bin Hussain (grandfather of Ash-Sheikh Muntajab-uddin), Muwaffiq-Uddin Al-Bakrabadi, Obaidullah Al-Behaqi and Ash-Sheikh Jafar Ad-Douresti.

Some of his disciples are: Hassan bin Fazal At-Tabrasi (his son), Ibn-e-Sheher Ashob Al-Mazindarani, Ash-Sheikh Muntajab-uddin, Qutb-uddin Ar-Rawandi, Abdullah bin Jafar Ad-Douresti and Shazan bin Jibra’il Al-Qummi.

Ayatullah At-Tabrasi wrote a number of books, some of which are: Majma-ul-Bayan fee Tafseeril Quran (10 volumes), Al-Kaaf Ash-Shaaf min Kitab Al-Kash’shaf, Jawam-e-ul-Jamay fee Tafseeril Quran, Al-Mustamid minal Bayan, Al-Wafi fee Tafseeril Quran, E’laamul Wara Be-E’laamil Huda, Taj-ul-Mawaleed fil Ansaab, Al-Aadab-Uddiniyah Lil Khazanatil Moayyeniyah, An-Noor Al-Mubin, Kanooz An-Nijah, Uddatus-Safar wa Umdatul-Hazar.

Amin Al-Islam At-Tabrasi was died in 550 Hijri in Behaq, Khurasan at the age of about 90 years. He was laid to rest near the eighth Imam Hazrat Ali bin Mousa Al-Raza (AS) in the holy city of Mash’had, Iran.

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