Lionel Messi hit by bottle thrown by crowd as Barcelona celebrate winner at Valencia

SHAFAQNA  – Lionel Messi was hit on the head by a bottle on Sunday night during Barcelona 1-0 victory over Valencia.

A plastic container was clearly thrown by a person in the crowd as Messi lay on the ground as part of a pile of Barcelona players celebrating the injury-time winner scored by Sergio Busquets.

To add further insult, Messi was then given a yellow card by the referee, for apparently pointing out that he had been hit.

The Argentine rubbed his head following the incident but appeared to be unhurt.

“We were lucky to score in the last minute. These are three points that will give us a huge boost,” Busquets said.

“We never settle for a draw, we tried in every way possible and in the end it came from a corner. We had been attacking them for a few minutes and when the ball fell to me from Alves I gave it everything I had.”.

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