I live in a land called ‘Hope’

SHAFAQNA – The following poem was penned by Reza John Vedadi, MA in Film Production & MA in Islamic Studies, film and documentary director, producer and writer based in London.

I live in a land called ‘Hope’
Where I drink from the fountain of cope.

The river that runs through this land
Is barren and the earth bland.

The skies above are neither dark nor light
As the days pass my heart feels more tight.

I feel i am neither between awake or asleep
Even my eyes have dried and can not weep.

I wish to cry out for the birds to fly
But my voice has no air so i just sigh.

There is unseen weight on my chest I feel
But i pray that my heart does not seal.

I think of ways to get out
But I am surrounded with great doubt.

About who I am and who I want to be
Surely there is more to this life than the eye can see.

Open my chest and take away the pain
I can not bare this burden or this strain.

But alas no one is here to call my name
And I can not find anyone to blame.

For all the answers are within me I have heard
The great saint taught the truth in one word.

Take me away from myself I begged
Only to realise there is no where else I can go, I am afraid.

For if I want to live peacefully in this or any land
I must learn to live with my own heart held in my hand.

I must not shy away from the greatness I have been created for
Ultimately i have only one life and i will strive and work hard until I soar.


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