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‘Live like Hussain & die like Ali’

SHAFAQNA – Following is a poem composed on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain by Sayeda Shaheena Bibi.

How can we as your followers live up to your legacy?

Do we lie to ourselves by saying we have no discrepancy?

We say we believe yet we have no shame taking your name in vain.

How many delusions will we pass through & be confused by our jealousy & hypocrisy?

All we do is fight & backbite to be part of the corrupt elite gentry & aristocracy.

I ask why? As I sit in pain & stare at our people thinking these limitations will not suffice.

Oh Hussain you are the epitome of divine justice peace love mercy & sacrifice.

Yet we still cannot fathom nor feel your very essence with your luminescence.

Deaf dumb & blind with locks on our hearts & our precious soul serves it’s penance.

Can we really die like Hussain? But surely we can try to aspire.

Shackled chained & in bondage of our worldly ego & lustful desire.

Live like Ali? With such vigour & eloquence & larger then life, I won’t hold my breath.

Such perfection personified yet we mere mortals are still feigning
till death.

We beg borrow & steal yet we cannot be together in oneness, what have we truly learnt?

Is this how we have honoured the universal & timeless Hussaini message that we took & burnt.

What do we lack? Unity justice courage fortitude sincerity compassion empathy discernment & conviction.

We have become nothing but a contradiction with an affliction as I pray for our benediction.


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