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Local groups in Clinton, USA to host event on Islam

SHAFAQNA – Four local groups in Clinton city of U.S.A will host an interfaith event on May 7 at the Clinton Community College auditorium in an effort to educate the Clinton community about the Muslim faith.

The Islamic Society of Clinton County, the Muslim Community of the Quad-Cities, the Sisters of St. Francis, and the Clinton Ministerial Association, are to sponsor the event.

Event organizer Dr. Anis Ansari hopes the event will educate the public about American Muslims and their contributions to society.

“We have not had any type of interfaith event outside the Islamic Center,” Ansari said. “And with a lot of negative talk in the media we thought an effective response was to have an event so people can come and learn more about American Muslims and how much we have contributed to society so far.”

The keynote speaker at the event was Dr. Ahmadullah Sidqui, who is a professor of Journalism and English at Western Illinois and the executive director at Sound Vision in Chicago. Following the keynote speech will be an interfaith address from the Rev. Duane Larson, who is an adjunct professor of Theology and Religion at Ashford University and the interim pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Clinton. His address will focus on what is common among the Abrahamic faiths while Siddqui’s speech will focus on what America needs to know about Islam and Muslims.

“We have established medical clinics to serve the poor and in disasters we have shown a willingness to step up and help in times of need,” Ansari said. “Our contributions to American society need to be highlighted. Muslims have lived here a long time while establishing good relations with Americans.”

Everyone is invited to attend the event from 10 a.m. to noon. The event will include a video viewing, an Arabic calligraphy booth, books and a literature stall and a scarf workshop as well as two speakers who will be featured at the event. There will also be a panel of discussion that will include questions and answers opportunity with the speakers at the event and community leaders.

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